What’s on the menu for November Meatless Monday?


This month we are featuring an array of winter themed foods. Extra special addition is a dessert by popular demand!

White Curry – features beans, carrots, potatoes, and cashew cream keeping this curry smooth and mild

Aloo Methi- potatoes cooked with spices and the leafy form of methi(fenugreek) which is extremely aromatic and savoury

Mushroom Curry – featuring white button mushrooms in a homestyle curry, delicious curry with a great texture

Chickpeas with Spinach – a more savoury twist on the chickpea curry on the regular menu, this version will not have the tamarind taste, but will still be mild and include a punch of nutrition with the addition of spinach

As per usual:

- BYOC, bring your own containers!

- curry/savouries priced per scoop ($4/scoop)

- dessert will be priced per square ($ tbd)

- serving from 4 – 7 pm

TIP: curries freeze extremely well- save your curries for a lazy day or for a healthy pick me up after over-indulging this eating season :)


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