We know this word is used a lot. It is an important word. It speaks to how we, as human citizens, can make ourselves, and our planet better for the next generation of human citizens.

Sustainability and Health

We can only be effective citizens if we are healthy citizens.  To us, healthy means nourishing.  It means giving people food that is made from only good ingredients, ingredients you can pronounce, ingredients that your body needs. We make everything from scratch, because it is sustainable but more importantly because it’s just better for you. We choose Non-GMO rice because we have done our research, and GMO crops aggressively degrade healthy soil, they alter the livelihood of farmers in third wold countries, and the long-term effects of genetically modified organisms on humans is not fully known or studied. We choose Organic chicken, and free- range grass fed beef, because their flesh is more nutritious for you. These animals are eating their proper dietary foods. Their flesh has less fat, less chemicals, less hormones (we wish we could confidently say they had no chemicals, but unfortunately these animals are subject to their environment just like we are, and some hormones are naturally occurring to animal tissue as well).  And happy ethically raised animals just taste better. There are techniques to killing animals because it is proven that scared animals release chemicals that make their meat less tasty.  Sustainable also means healthy. It is expensive to raise animals the way they are meant to live, but that is also the sustainable way to raise animals. Healthy animals mean healthy humans. We choose Organic milk for our chai, and Organic yogurt for our raitha because it tastes really good. We also want to support people who choose to be vegetarians and vegans. A vegetarian/vegan diet is a significant way to live a sustainable lifestyle.  So we have made our vegetarian dishes vegan friendly by using non-GMO sunflower oil.  Eating meat is expensive, and having a whole food vegetarian or vegan diet can be just as nutritious for you. Indian food offers so many delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes.  We want to support people who make this choice, it is not easy to do, and it’s not easy to find restaurants that have enough of these options.

Sustainability and the Environment

Making food from scratch also means food that is processed less, uses less packaging, and creates less waste. We are composting 100% of the food scraps produced out of our kitchen in our Organic waste bin. We have also chosen to use recyclable plastic take out containers, to reduce the footprint for our take-out customers.  Did you know that you can recycle plastics with the number 1, 2 and 5 in all City of Vancouver recycling bins?

Learning more about Sustainability

Our commitment to making sustainable choices doesn’t end here. As small business owners, we will continue to learn and make choices to ensure there is a healthy and safe environment for our next generation of human citizens.