All of our curry dishes are served with Non-GMO White Basmati Rice

1. Chicken “Roce” Curry

A classic spicy South Indian curry, made with local Farmcrest free range chicken thighs, spices, tomatoes, and onions.  Finished with coconut milk and fresh cilantro

*** “Roce” means coconut milk in the South Indian dialect of Konkani

2. Beef Chettinad

Over 15 freshly toasted and ground spices make this dish from the Chettinad region of Indian an instant favourite. We use locally sourced Cache Creek Free Range grass fed beef. Complex and intensely flavoured, this is a spicy curry for the true connoisseur, finished with coconut milk and fresh cilantro

3.Malabar Fish Curry

Malabar Fish CurryA medium spiced curry reminiscent of the Malabar Coast in Kerala. Pacific Cod fillets simmered in a delicate curry of red chillies, green chillies, curry leaves, tamarind and coconut milk. This sweet and spicy curry will make you want to lick your plate!

4. Sambar Dahl

Sambar DahiA staple dish in all Indian households, dahl(lentils) is also one of the glorious superfoods! A delicious blend of toasted spices including coconut flakes and curry leaves are added to Toor Dahl at the end of cooking to create a fresh pop of spice in your mouth. Complex, spicy and hearty.   Vegan friendly

5. Chick Pea curry

choleA favourite both in the North and South, this mild curry features Organic chick peas in a beautifully spiced curry with onions, tomatoes and blend of freshly ground spices. This is a robust and hearty meal for everyone!         Vegan friendly

6. Vegetable Korma

Vegetable KormaShanti’s green korma paste, is the foundation for this beautiful mild curry, layered with caramelized onions, cashew cream and hearty vegetables, including shiitake mushrooms, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, potatoes and peas. This dish will make a vegetarian out of anyone!  Vegan friendly

7. Crispy Fried Samosa

Crispy Fried SamosaScratch made golden pastry with a spicy potato and green pea filling. Vegan Friendly
$3.25 ea.

8. Onion Pakoras


Sliced onion, coated in a batter of chickpea flour, rice flour, green chillies and spices- made to order. Served with our house-made tamarind chutney - Gluten Free & Vegan friendly

4 pcs  $4.00

9. Samosa Chaat

Samosa Chaat2 samosas, topped with chopped onion, fresh cilantro, crispy bits, and drizzled with Organic yogurt, spicy chutney and sweet tamarind chutney. Makes a light meal, or a hearty snack. This is the original Indian street food!

9. Raitha

RaithaOrganic yogurt and cucumbers, lightly spiced but not spicy.  Finished with cumin and cilantro. A great side to any curry, truly refreshing and light.



Masala chai : Made in house everyday with Organic whole milk, whole spices, turbinado sugar and orange pekoe tea  $2.50

Pop :  Blue Sky cane sugar soda: Cola or Jamaican Gingerale   $2.00

Coconut Water : Everland All Natural 520ml can  $4.00

Rotating selection of Beers and Ciders : $5.25

Bring your own wine! : We provide the glasses. And if you can’t finish the bottle we re-cork it and seal it for you to take home! (Unfortunately, we do not carry any wines at this time, we are strictly BYO)

Corkage fee $8

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