We make home-style South Indian dishes with the best– organic, free- range, grass-fed proteins, and whole food ingredients are used throughout our menu.

Our food is made with love. It’s homestyle, just like Mama Shanti used to make growing up.  We grind our own spices and masalas, we make our own chutney, all just like she used to do. And we do it all in-house in our teeny tiny kitchen.

Our Mission Statement:

We make all our food from scratch because it means less additives, less preservatives, less packaging & better nutrition.  We want to get anti-biotics & GMO’s out of our food supply.  We want to feed our community good food because we believe that healthy animals equal healthy humans which equals a healthy planet.



☆ Please note a change in our hours for the following days in August:

Tues. Aug 16th: dinner only

Wed. Aug 17th: dinner only

Thurs. Aug 18th: dinner only

Fri. Aug 19th: dinner only

Sat. Aug 20th: dinner only

☆☆ All other dates in August will be regular business hours(see below)

  • Tuesday- Friday
  • 11:30am – 3pm;    4:30pm – 9pm
  • Saturday
  • 11:30 – 9pm 
  • Sunday & Monday


4191 Main St
(just south of King Edward)
Vancouver BC




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** We are “fast casual”, we do not take reservations

* We offer take-out, and yes we deliver via doordash.ca

* We accept cash, debit, visa & mastercard